Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter sale items to wear to work this spring

In the real life of a young professional (at least not this one), there are not separate wardrobes for each season.  That happens on tv and in magazines.  Limited budgets mean that clothes need to be worn throughout the year and it takes a little bit of creativity to see past the intended purpose of each garment and adapt it to a different season.

Magazines like to do this a lot, but usually the result is not work appropriate.  (Socks with my strappy heels?  Not in this office.  I'd be laughed out of the conference room.)  Today I thought it would be helpful to show some winter sale items that look to be as cheap as they're going to get and how to make them work for Spring.

M+O Pleated Denim Skirt - $29.50
I actually have this skirt, and it's great paired with tights and boots but looks equally good with leather pumps and a cropped cardigan and long necklace.  I'll be wearing this all year round and pairing with tank tops and statement jewelry for the summer.

This sweater is thin enough that it can be worn in an air conditioned office without making you want to strip down in your cube.  You can obviously wear with jeans year round, but this pink color would look great w/ a white skirt or white jeans when the weather changes.  I'd even pair with a tank top, flat sandals and white or black tailored shorts in the summer because I'm usually cold indoors.

This one may get a little cheaper, but I wanted to include it anyway.  I this these colors scream Spring even though it has long sleeves.  It would look really cute with a dark denim skirt or white jeans, or layered over a dress, and you won't get overheated in the office.  Just layer a tank underneath in case you end up outside for more than 5 min.

The Limited Ruched Square Neck Sweater - $29.99
This sweater also comes in black but the picture didn't show the detail.  I think this could be worn with trouser jeans or black pants year round.  It's not thick and would be a great basic piece to wear with statement jewelry.  If your shoes are more spring/summery than nobody will think you're wearing leftover winter clothes (unless they're cable knit).

I know there is only one size left in this particular pant, but there were several similar styles on sale.  Anyway, I am not a believer in the 'gray is for winter' rule.  When you pair it with a bright color like yellow or pink, and the pants aren't made of thick wool, you can wear them to work all year. 


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