Monday, February 22, 2010

That necklace sure looks familiar...

I know I've written a lot of jewelry posts lately, but this really amused me today.  I just got an email from J.Crew since I placed an order recently (final sale, of course).  It announced the arrival of "the statement piece of the season" so of course I opened it since I love a good statement.  The devote' necklace is very pretty, but also $150, and features some gold starburst medallions that looked very familiar to me.


I couldn't remember where I'd seen it until I went to to take a screenshot and remembered this necklace, now $19.50.  Those starbursts are pretty similar, no?  While not identical, I think both achieve the same overall look and the second necklace leaves enough money left over for an outfit.


Upon further inspection, several pieces of 'fashion jewelry' at JCPenney could pass for J. Crew if they were photographed better.  I think the earrings below could pass for an expensive pair. (They're $12!)

Moral of the story: If you can get past the dozens of items you don't like, JCP can save you $120 on a necklace.

P.S. I still like J. Crew even though I pick on them sometimes.  I look forward to their catalog almost as much as Lucky magazine.  :)


  1. WANT these earrings -- link, please? :)

  2. Here ya go! $12!!|56864|56918



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