Friday, February 12, 2010

My third request: A wedding guest outfit

I just got the following request from my friend Katherine, who needs "advice on a cute and figure flattering outfit to wear to an 11 am wedding that won't break the bank."  Challenge accepted.  I've set a $60 price limit on the dress and $30 on accessories.

The goals for a morning wedding outfit (to me, anyway) are: casual fabric, no inappropriate cleavage, the ability to dress it up for a night wedding or dress it down for work.

I'm going to assume that on the day of the wedding it will not be freakishly cold, so a sheath dress is appropriate (not too formal) and flattering for most all figures as long as it skims your shape and fits closely under the bust so you don't look like a rectangle. The one below is $35 from, currently residing on a page of frumpier dresses.  It comes in several colors and would look good with a statement necklace and bracelet (but NOT a stack of bangles, they are loud).  Necklace and bracelet are both under $8 at Forever 21.

 If you want to cover your arms, add a thin cropped cardigan or go for a dress with a sleeve like the one below from the limited ($60).  The cotton will still be casual enough but the cut is sharp and flattering because of the cinched waist (and the ruffles are just fancy)  Bracelet is also from The Limited ($24)

If you're feeling lucky, go to Target and see if you can find this dress for $39.  The cut is super flattering (not too boobtastic for a wedding) and from the tiny picture, the fabric doesn't look too formal for a morning ceremony. (It says 97% cotton).  I'd pair it with statement jewelry like this handmade necklace from Etsy.

Good luck shopping!


  1. Thanks so much Haley! I'll let you know what I end up wearing.



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