Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A defined style... totally not boring

I wear the same thing a lot.  Yes, the colors vary, but I would bet that 65% of days I'm wearing a cardigan sweater over a neutral top with a statement necklace. Sometimes I like to mix it up and add large bracelets or a dress under the cardigan (crazy!), but mostly it's variations of the same thing.  For a while I thought this meant I am boring but now I know it means I found my look.

Tim Gunn says we should all find what works for us, and stick with it.  I needed outfits that still said 'professional' in a blue jeans office but don't require ironing (I'm quite lazy).  Button down shirts are hard to find when you're blessed with boobs, and I'm usually cold, so it was like a godsend that cardigans got popular a few years ago and haven't gone anywhere.   I feel the same way about straight leg jeans (why were tapered pants on sale for so long?) and wedge heels. 

I'm not sure what I'll do when these things go out of fashion.  Perhaps you'll see me on What Not to Wear in 15 years, still rocking my cardies while everyone else wears a jumpsuit or whatever else is in fashion.  However, I will have created a clean line and drawn attention towards my face, which Tim says is always in style.

A fool proof outfit, I tell you!  Btw, I love polyvore.


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