Monday, June 14, 2010

Colors I'm Loving - Gray/Blue/Yellow

 It's hard to believe that I came across this collection of fabrics while looking at baby bedding for my friend Phoebe.  I think it would make a beautiful room for a (very chic) little girl, but also in outfits and home decor for this 26 year old.

I'm a big fan of gray already, and my gray LOFT cardigan has become a staple in my work rotation but I'm definitely going to try and work in more yellow and aqua since they all go together so well.  Luckily, well see lots of gray this fall and I think this color combination would look great all year long depending on the fabrics you choose.

Here's some ideas I have for bringing these colors into my closet and house:

At Work


 Fancy Date

Bedroom  (I'd fold duvet at bottom of bed to show more gray)

Living Room


  1. reminds me of Emma Pilsbury =)

  2. You know me and my turquoise obsession... where'd ya find the necklace and cuff???

  3. Necklace I found on Polyvore:,34

    Cuff was from but I don't see it on there anymore. Too bad, it was only $15 :(



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