Monday, June 28, 2010

The impossible dream: Cheap sandals that don't hurt

My friend Leslie has asked me to try and help her find a pair of cute sandals to last her through the rest of the summer, but they need to be comfortable enough or all-day wear and around the $40 mark.  The comfort stipulation rules out the flat, 1/4 inch hard soled sandals that are all over Target this summer and makes this challenge pretty difficult.  However, since I can't stand to wear poorly made shoes either, I can't blame her!

I started looking at DSW because they offer name brand shoes, but often from last year and discounted prices.  I was pleasantly surprised at the selection and found the following options that may work for Leslie:

Yellow Box Charlotte Sandal
This sandal has the same look as the hard, flat soled ones but with more than twice the padding underfoot

Jones New York Heira Wedge Sandal
This sandal has a very small wedge that I think would keep it from being painful after several hours, and the straps have enough embellishment to look cute with dresses as well as jeans

Unisa Connie Studded Cork Wedge
The cork sole on this sandal should make it more comfortable than most, and I like the silver studs as well.

 Liz Claiborne Binti Sandal
This sandal looks very comfortable, with an extremely padded sole, but may be a little too basic

Aerosoles Discovery Sandal

These are also very basic, but are chicer than many other Aerosoles and would be comfortable for sure

Next, I started looking on and filtered by a top price of $45 and showed only brands I had heard of to narrow down the 2000+ choices
These look comfortable, but I'm not a fan of the heel strap with dresses

This pair is definitely fancier than most, but would look cute for a date or even with shorts and a tank for running errands

Hopefully one of these options will work for Leslie, or anyone else looking for comfortable shoes at a low price point.  Happy shopping!


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