Monday, June 14, 2010

Help me: The hunt for a tunic dress

I've always loved the look of cotton tunic dresses.  They seem very Palm Springs elegant to me, and I think I'd feel very fancy (but comfortable) wearing one.  However, I'm having a lot of trouble finding one at a decent price.  Every one I like is around $200, and I will not pay that for a dress

What I'm looking for...

Any ideas where I can find this look on the cheap?  I've checked every store I can think of and haven't found one... this doesn't happen often!

This is the closest I've found ($48 at Kohl's) but it doesn't have the 3/4 sleeves I'm looking for

Update:  I found this dress on but I'm just not sure.  Judging from the size charts, I'll need to order big and then have it taken in.

Surely there's some sort of Lilly Pulitzer/ Tory Burch knockoff out there.  Help me find it!


  1. I'm assuming you've already checked ShopStyle? BTW< I totally love that blue on cream print (2nd from the left). Where's/who's that one from?

  2. That blue/cream one is by Juicy Couture

    I did look through about 30 pages of tunics on Shop Style but got frustrated. I may just have to splurge on a really Lilly P or Tory B dress one of these days... sigh

  3. I would love the same! Sometimes going in Anthropologie, I have found dresses like this on SALE! I will keep you posted, I am on the hunt for the same thing!

  4. this is a person's ebay site of tunic dresses

  5. Here's a crazy idea - buy an affordable tunic shirt in a larger size than you normally wear and have a seamstress take it in, but leave the length. Voila! Tunic dress.

  6. I'm not far from doing that, hush! I've found a few that are just a smidge too short, but I think it will be cheaper to get one made from a pattern since the design is so simple.

    I'll keep everyone posted as I continue my search... I've invested far too much time to not end up with the dress I want. :)

  7. hey there! so i read this post and i was checking out a site and i immediately had to tell you about the tunic i found...

    the arm length might be too long but i tried! good luck!

  8. hmmm after further review it looks like its a coverup so it might be too see through...sorry

  9. I saw those on Zappos and was about to order one until I realized I could see through it on the model... but that is exactly the look I want!

    Isn't it annoying now that we're all looking for one and almost every single wearable dress is over $150!?

  10. I 100% forgot that I have a tunic dress in my closet that I keep meaning to have altered, and probably will continue to forget about. I am not sure what size it is, but will bring it to L'Office with your sussie from NYC and maybe it will work out. It's entirely black, not a Crazy Jenne print, so might not be everything you're looking for, but hell...



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