Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A home for my bracelets

As you can imagine, I have a lot of jewelry.  The necklaces hang on a series of Command adhesive hooks on the inside wall of my closet, but I've been wanting a nice place for my collection of bracelets and rings and other stuff I don't wear often.  Just get a new jewelry box, right?  Easy. 

Wrong.  These things are either ugly or ridiculously expensive.  I've found few pieces that I'd want to display on my dresser for the next several years that can also hold a lot of jewelry.  However, I did finally find a couple and wanted to share in case you are in the market for one as well.

West Elm Large Medallion Jewlery Box - $79
I actually looked at this box in store and it's deep enough to hold cuff bracelets and is so pretty.  I officially want it for my birthday.

Ok, these aren't big enough for my bracelets but I like the idea of a silly little animal on my night table that I can use to store my wedding rings at night

A girl can dream, right?


  1. We have a small cat figurine on our dresser that my mom-in-law brought me from Greece. It's tail is in the air like a sassy cat would have and we store both our wedding rings on it.

  2. i miss my thumbtacks on my wall from my single days- it kept all the necklaces straight and untangled...but for what it's worth- jonathan did buy me a lingerie chest from ikea...the top 2 drawers are perfect for jewelry and then the top has a "spot" that i lay more jewelry on and the mirror pops's pretty snazzy and gets me through the mornings...



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