Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The BSC - What would they wear now?

Last week there was a guest post on Dooce about the Baby Sitters Club, which sent me and my friend Julie on a trip down memory lane and led to the discovery of a hilarious blog called What Claudia Wore

I cannot tell you how obsessed I was with the BSC when I was 9-11.  I probably had about 90 books once you counted the mysteries and Super Specials (Remember when the club went to NYC together?) and really wanted to live in Stoneybrook instead of Highlands, TX.   Once I got to 8th grade I moved on, but I will always love the BSC and the years I kept my local Waldenbooks in business.

I learned that Ann M. Martin has just written a new BSC book (yes!) but it's a prequel and not the "Where are they now" update I was hoping for.  Since she's not going to write one and describe their fantastic outfits, I decided to give it a shot my way.  I apologize in advance if you're not the right age to enjoy this, but I'm having fun here.  

Kristy Thomas
I think Kristy probably grew up to be a teacher/coach who lives with her partner, 2 kids, and dog Louie Jr. in Massachusetts.  She played softball in college and is still a tomboy, but not in a hopeless way because her friends Claudia and Stacey take her shopping once a year when she visits them in NYC.
Claudia Kishi
I think Claudia managed to get accepted to RISD (she learned to spell and focused more on her art in high school) and is now working as a designer/painter in NYC.  She still dresses like a crazy person and is married to a graphic designer who wears hats that she makes.  When she's been drinking, she bitches about how Lady GaGa is stealing her look.

Stacey McGill
Stacey went to NYU and still lives in New York (of course).  Since she is so great with numbers, she landed a job in finance, a Wall Street husband, and spends her downtime shopping for Burberry, Louboutins and designer pieces on  She's still close friends with Claudia and they go out for cocktails once a month.

Mary Anne Spier
Mary Anne and Logan didn't stay together after high school.  He got a scholarship to the University of Kentucky and she didn't want to leave the east coast.  She's now a high school guidance counselor and lives with her husband and young daughter in Connecticut.  She and the BSC girls keep up on Facebook, but her life is more about being a mom and visiting Dawn in California.  Stacey bought her that fancy diaper bag.

Dawn Schaefer
Dawn is still in California and runs a small vegan restaurant in Santa Monica with her surfer husband.  She's all about casual, fair trade clothes (those are PVC sandals) and surfing.  She visits Stoneybrook a few times a year to see her mom and Mary Anne, but mostly grew apart from the others since she moved away in 1995.

Mallory Pike
Mallory moved far away from her giant family and does not have or want any children.  She went to Northwestern and now works in a library in Chicago and has a snarky blog where she makes fun of chic lit books and Twilight.  She and Jessie grew apart after high school, but still see each other at Christmas and laugh about how the residents of Stoneybrook let them be in charge of children at the age of 11.
Jessi Ramsey
Jessie went to Julliard and is a member of a dance company in New York.  She's tried out for So You Think You Can Dance a couple of times, but they don't pick ballerinas very often.  She lives in a 1 bedroom apartment with two other dancers but wears more than leotards and a ballerina bun these days (thank goodness).

So who was your favorite character?  Do you agree with my picks?


  1. OMG! so much fun!! you did a great job!
    I have to admit, I was a HUGE fan of the BSC also and this was a really fun trip down memory lane! Thanks for posting :)

  2. LOL this is great! I had a huge library of BSC when I was younger. Great job with all the picks- I totally see them all now!

  3. Hi - I found your blog from a friend, and I LOVE it! So much fun. I loved the BSC growing up and always wanted to be Stacey but I think I was more Mary Anne.

  4. Welcome! Be sure to leave a comment on the giveaway post so you can win (and leave your friend's name so she'll get credit too). Hardly anyone has entered so your chances are good!

  5. haha i absolutely adore this post :) what a creative idea! and great lady gaga inspired outfit

  6. Great choices!
    If you're interested, I made a BSC group on Polyvore where you can share your sets and enter contests. I alos created a blog where I wrtite mostly about what they would be wearing now.



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