Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where the dresses live -

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Those of you who've been reading for a while know my stance on spaghetti straps (yes, I have strong opinions on such matters).  They're not for every occasion and not for everyone.  If you've got to wear a bra, then you need other options.  Luckily, I've found the holy grail of non skimpy dresses.

I've heard of Modcloth before, but never took the time to look through their site until this week.  The prices make them a cheaper alternative to Anthropologie, but more expensive than Lulu's.  I'm not sure how the sizing runs, but they give measurements according to the width of the garment when laid flat so you can measure against other dresses you already have.  And I like the punny names.

Here are some of my favorite dresses that can be worn with a regular bra, but there are tons of other options (literally hundreds) if you want something with less coverage:

Know Your Anemone Dress
This could be a cute summer work dress (with a cardigan) or worn to church or bridal/baby shower brunch.  For $25.99, why not?

Pianola Dress
This dress is expensive, but I love it anyway.  The color and cut are so uncommon for dresses, but classy.  It also comes in brown.

From Every Angle Dress
This is a very basic dress, I know, but I like how the pleats make it look different than all the other black sheath dresses at the mall

All Coming Back To Me Dress
This is such a Joan dress (from Mad Men) but it's sleeveless.  I like the button detail and defined waist for those of us who prefer our thighs and hips under wraps

Contender Dress
This is such a cute, breezy dress for the weekend.  I like the stitching along the hem and think it would be so cute for going out during the summer

Red Grapefruit Dress
I love the bold color of this dress, and the color blocking gives it a 60s vibe to me.  I think it would be appropriate for work with the right accessories

Summer Wheat Dress
I think this is my favorite of all the dresses.  The color and the playful neckline are so unlike what you see everyone else wearing (in Dallas anyway) and it's not too dressy for daytime. 

Sunshine In My Eyelet Dress
Another yellow dress, but with a more mod look and feel than the one above.  I like the navy trim and the eyelet fabric would be great here in Texas where it's 90 degrees at 8am.


  1. Pretty- I love the red grapefruit dress :) I love the dresses at modcloth!

  2. i second the red grapefruit dress.its is fab! :) great blog

  3. I want the Pianola dress in brown. I'm also with you on the Summer Wheat dress. It reminds me of a vintage dress that I have that is, ahem, a little too small right now.

  4. You have a great eye for unique, stylish dresses that look like they cost way more than they do, especially the Pianola, Red Grapefruit, & Summer Wheat.

    I love that you found a Joan Holloway dress! I'm counting the days until "Mad Men" Season 3 premieres (July 25th?)

  5. Ladies, I'm sad to report that after busting out my measuring tape and comparing bust measurements, the dresses from Modcloth run reallllly small.

    If you're going to buy one, go up a size for sure. If you wear larger than an 8 like me, you may need to look elsewhere since the Large dresses were a good 1.5 inches narrower than my size 10 dresses from J.Crew.

    It does look like Modcloth sources a variety of brands, so maybe one day I'll find one that fits. :(



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