Friday, July 9, 2010

My new summer staple - white jeans

After far too much hesitation, I bought my first pair of white jeans.  My favorite style, Gap Long & Lean, is now offered in a white wash and thanks to an extra 40% off sale last week I picked up a pair for $25.  I know I'm late to the party, but I love them!  (Warning: Do not assume you wear the same size in the white jeans as you do in the dark wash.  The white ones are stretch denim and run much smaller.)

Being the clothes nerd that I am, I went home and stood in front of my closet and made outfits.  Here's all the ways I plan to wear them this summer (or until I accidentally sit on something):

Casual Office / Weekend Shopping
I have a similar tunic top from H&M and espadrilles from LOFT ($7 on eBay!) that I will pair with the jeans and my hobo bag
Drinks on a Patio
I'm going to wear my jeans with a black tank, flat sandals and one of my red bib necklaces for going out and having margaritas on a patio when it's burning hot outside

At Work
I can wear jeans every day, but I try to not be a slob most of the time.  I'll wear the jeans with wedge heels and one of my tailored button downs when I need to look a little bit professional but not seeing clients

What thing are you wearing over and over again this summer?


  1. I'm with you on white jeans/pants as part of the summer uniform.

    I've also been wearing short, patterned dresses with a jean jacket, and Jackie O shades.

    My arms are too sausage-y to pull off a tank top.

  2. I really like the jean jacket look but it's so hot here that I just end up carrying it around, baring my arms anyway.

    And I will wear Jackie O glasses until I'm an old lday. I've tried aviators and wayfarers and they're just not me...

  3. Really pretty and classy. I love that blue top.



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