Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Style I Love: Charlotte York

Before I started labeling things as Mad Men skirts or dresses, anything with a defined waist and prim cut was a Charlotte York outfit.  I still love Charlotte and will never tire of the Sex and the City episodes where she adopts Elizabeth Taylor and sees the photo of her Chinese daughter for the first time. 

Her classy (and pretty modest, actually) style strikes a chord with me and I like to imitate it when I'm feeling fancy.

If you look at her outfits objectively, you notice that she likes warm tones, black and white, a defined waist, and rarely wears anything that would tell you how big her thighs are.  With that criteria in mind, here are some things I think Charlotte would choose if she was on a budget (ha!)

Going to a wedding with Anthony
I think Charlotte would wear this if she were attending a friend's wedding with Anthony.

The Limited Draped One Shoulder Dress
The Limited Pleated Clutch
JCPenney Chandelier Earrings

Soho House Pool with Anastasia Beaverhausen
Charlotte is not about skimpy suits.  She wears a ladylike cover-up and oversized glasses and a sun hat.

Lands End One Shouldered Tank Suit
Echo Design Island Dot Tunic
LOFT Large Ombre Sunglasses
Gap Floppy Straw Hat

Working at the Gallery (Pre Trey)
I think Charlotte would have embraced the ruffle blouse and cardi trend with her usual pencil skirts.

The Limited Ruffle Button Down Shirt
Gap Pocket Cardigan
LOFT Ornate Zebra Pencil Skirt
LOFT Painted Bead Bracelet

What's your favorite Charlotte look?  Or are you more of a Carrie?


  1. charlotte for clothes- carrie for accessories =)

  2. I'm a Charlotte! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. I'm a Charlotte for the most part--and not just because I'm brunette. I look good in the same silhouettes as she does and I like her mostly-modest-but-never-frumpy style.

    Carrie's usually a little out there for me and my life, although I admire the outfits she puts together. I do sometimes have accessories inspirations that are more Carrie than Charlotte.

  4. You are such a Charlotte, KDot! You and your pretty skirts... I never did make it a while week without trouser jeans. I'll try again soon.

    I have Carrie moments too... she's the one who inspired me to be brave with bracelets and necklanes like you mentioned, Kate. Now I'll put anything around my neck or wrist!

  5. Of all the SATC2 looks, I liked Miranda's outfits the best; Carrie's the worst. I like the classic Charlotte York look from the series, but because we have such completely different shapes (I'm very top heavy but with boyish hips), all of those wonderful skirts and dresses she rocks wouldn't work on me.

  6. I have always loved Charlotte's outfits!



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