Monday, July 12, 2010

Weird or Awesome?

For the living room or my office/gym

P.S. You can buy it here if you're interested:


  1. Have Swain freehand one for you, for probably the cost of a Starbucks.

  2. I was just searching on Etsy yesterday for some cool maps to hang in our new house! Great minds think alike. :-)

  3. Yes - so unique and with energetic colors! Maps & globes are going to become trendy, so now would be a good time to put this on your home. Because if I see another Keep Calm and Carry on Poster I think I'm gonna ralph. ;)

  4. Yeah, I got a blue KCCO poster in 2008 as a joke for my cube at work. Now it's like the band you liked when they were indie and are embarassed to like now that Ryan Seacrest plays them. I still like how it looks, but not that everyone and their cousin has one too :(

  5. Dude, I'm so with you on the KCCO! I'm like, what the hell is this about? They're freakin EVERYWHERE!

    Anyway, thanks for coming to visit me! And I totally want to know more about that sewing class - do they offer it in the fall or something? Which DCC is it? I'd be interested in getting more info - I mean, since I'm Vera Wang and all...

  6. Whoops, I was also searching for a KCCO poster on Etsy the other night. But I live in Canada and will be moving to the country so I don't think they will be common there. We're always a little bit behind the trends.

  7. @KDot - I live in the country, too, and I'm like 100% sure if I got a KCCO poster everyone here would honestly be seeing it for the very first time. So it would seem fresh & original - it's all about location. But personally I'm sick of them. However, I do like the iterations of them like the Keep Calm & Ride On poster (with a bike icon instead of a crown, etc.) I also like the literalness (is that a word?) of the KCCO luggage tag. Get it? Carry on? Ha!

    Pretty sure you can get the KCCO posters online at Target. If that doesn't equal a design trend having jumped the shark I don't know what does. ;)



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