Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Building a Bedroom - does this work?

As many of you know, I will soon be moving in with my fiance and turning bachelor house (picture two 50 inch televisions in the living room) into a modern, comfortable space for us to share.  I have some projects in progress, and am beginning to select furniture, but my eyes are always open for the right accessories that aren't too girly or expected.

Last weekend I went to Target to check out the Dwell throw pillows that some of you have recommended (I got this one but will keep that ugly bird facing the sofa and use the cute chevron print).  While I was in the aisle of Dwell items, I noticed this quilt and really liked it.  The white, yellow and gray design is modern but not overly feminine and I think it works well with the light blue West Elm duvet cover that we'll be using as a blanket in our room.  Yes, I'm still in love with the yellow/gray/blue combination.  (The picture is of my bedroom at my rented house - the future bedroom has very pale gray walls and misty gray curtains)

I think the two pieces go but don't necessarily match, which is the look I'm trying to achieve.  But I've been wrong before....  what do you think?


  1. I love the combination! I have Target envy - lucky you to have such a great store to shop at.

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, I know I'm very lucky. The other day I actually said "I don't know how people live without Nordstrom Rack" and then felt very ridiculous.

  3. It goes w/o being too matchy-matchy. They compliment each other nicely.

  4. I think it goes great! Like Karen said it goes without being too similar, you need some variety. I also know what you're going through when I moved in with my fiance it was the same thing trying to turn a bachelor pad into a home I could be comfortable in. Good Luck!

  5. Thanks ladies! It's a delicate process isn't it? Yesterday I was informed that my choice of (awesome) sixties dresser to use as a sideboard looked stupid. Back to Craigslist I will go, and maybe sneak one into a guest room later on. ;)

  6. That has happened too many times hahaha. He likes modern and simplistic and I like vintage and homey...a little clash of interests lol. You'll eventually compromise (or just buy it and sneak it in hehehe)

  7. Glad you like the chevron pillows! I, too, think that quilt is just perfect. Happy decorating!



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