Thursday, July 15, 2010

All pink, all on sale

I'm in a fancy mood right now as I watch The Little Couple on DVR and read blogs (glamorous evening, I know).  I want to wear pink tomorrow and be girly.  And because I got no less than four sale/free shipping emails today, I started checking out my usual stores and found tons of cute, girly clothes on sale. 

I've made you a collage of my favorites, all of which are marked down.

The dresses and color block tank are from LOFT.
The coral cardigan, pink shell and gingham shirt are from Lands End Canvas
The skirt is from Gap

Then I started looking at jewelry and found these pieces (all under $20) to add some girliness to a neutral outfit

All jewelry from Shop the Look or Forever 21


  1. Love the pink skirt from the gap. So pretty!

  2. The dress from LOFT in the upper right corner is v. cute!



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