Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grayce Jewelry by Molly Sims... yes please!

First of all, if you're not already a Member of you need to click this link and join right now.  You get access to high quality brands at dirt cheap prices (for the brand, not in general).  The sales are short lived and the one I'm about to post ends at 11pm Central on 7/7.

Second, I'd read in InStyle that Molly Sims was going to be designing jewelry.  Every third ex-model does so I wasn't impressed... until today when I saw the stuff.  It's so bright and fun!  I'm loving the saturated peacock blues and magenta shades, especially.  The prices are definitely higher than Forever 21, but for nice pieces they're still a good bargain.

What piece is your favorite?  I think I like the ring in top row... or the necklace on the bottom center. 


  1. Oh they are all so beautiful it is hard to choose a favorite. But I super love the green and blue stuff, and the gold ring in the right column.
    p.s. Your blog is lovely. :)



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