Monday, July 5, 2010

My New Addiction

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I love looking at magazines.  An evening on my couch with a stack of new magazines and a bottle of wine qualifies as a great night to me.  Unfortunately, there's been a big void in the Shelter category since Domino went away last year.  House Beautiful is ok, but a little formal and shows way too many things that cost as much as a car.  Dwell is too stark and unrealistic for my tastes.  Lonny is fabulous, but not published often enough to satisfy my need for pretty room photos. 

A few months ago I was browsing the magazines at Barnes & Noble and remembered a magazine I enjoyed in London - Living Etc.  Sure enough, it was there and just as fantastic as I remembered.   No, it's not easy to find a lot of the items featured in the photos but I rarely do that anyway.  I read for ideas and inspiration and then end up doing my own thing with pieces from Etsy and Homegoods.

So now I go to Barnes and Noble at the beginning of each month and spend $8.99 on Living Etc.  It's worth it to me and I only let myself read a few features a day to make it last. 

Then, towards the middle of the month I go and get another British homes magazine called Ideal Home.  It's a touch less modern, but still very eclectic and features a lot of hi-low designs and ways to integrate antiques into a room without making it feel stuffy.  It's also $8.99 and arrives at my local B&N a couple of weeks after Living Etc.

I enjoy both magazines very much and will probably keep buying them for months to come, but is there anything comparable being published in the US?  These magazines make me happy but then depressed that I live here instead of in London.  Where else can I get my decorating fix?


  1. There's nothing comparable being published in print in the US. Blogs fill that void for me.



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