Friday, July 2, 2010

High Impact Pillows

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As those who know me in real life have probably heard, N (my fiance) and I just bought our first piece of furniture together.  It's a big, deep, comfortable sectional that I've been saving for about 8 months to purchase.  Needless to say, I'm really excited about it.

Isn't she pretty? (Ours is an L-shape without the chaise lounge because we need a sofa bed)

I decided to be sensible and get a neutral color that will work with any room, but you all know I can't just leave those beige pillows alone.  I've been shopping for the perfect mix of vintage/modern/playful pillow covers to add some color in the room and I've found some great candidates that you can use to dress up existing pillows you already have.  (If not, you can get pillow forms for very little at JoAnns or other fabric stores.)

Etsy - Lynne's This and That
These pillows have a vintage feel that I like, and the prices are far lower than any home decor store 

Etsy - KainKain
This seller is in Asia, but she has good feedback and a great modern selection (and nautical too).  I like that most of the designs are embroidered for durability.

Etsy - Persnickety Home Designs
This seller uses a lot of designer fabrics like Amy Butler, and most of the prices are under $20

Etsy - Pink Baby Mouse
Yes, I'm serious.  I think every room needs something a little bit ridiculous that will make people laugh and ask why it's on your couch and where you bought it.  The dachshund in a head cone pillow will be my ridiculous something.

Obviously I'm not going to put all these together, but you get the idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.  A little blue, some red or coral, some eggshell and maybe bold yellow to add some pizazz to the beige sectional and dark brown furniture.  It's all going to be an experiment in mixing prints and finding the right balance of modern and comfortable.

Do you know of any other good sellers (or real stores) I should be considering?  Am I nuts or a decorating genius?  Whatcha think?  ;-)


  1. I've been on the hunt for some new pillows! Thanks for the fun ideas!

  2. Love, love, love the feeling of the dachshund in a head cone pillow! Every room needs something "off" - a ridiculous something indeed! Brings things down to earth. To me there is no graver decor offense than having a Catalog Room. Yikes! When decor mag writers talk about spaces having a "personal, well loved" quality, that's the spirit this pillow evokes for me.

    Regarding other pillows to complement adorable Mr. Head Cone, have you seen the Dwell Studio for Target turquoise chevron pillow (it's actually the back of the pillow - the front is a fugly bird & a big blue rosette)? I own 2 and love them. TamStyles recently blogged about it here (the pillow is the final picture of the post):

  3. I love the ones from KainKain and I think what you're going for will turn out great! Good luck!

  4. Is Dwell Studio for target the same Store from the UK that I know and love?!

  5. I don't think so. Dwell doesn't have stores in the UK, but their stuff is carried by several boutiques over there.

    Is it this stuff you're used to seeing?

  6. Ok, I found and now know what you're talking about. I wish that stuff was sold at Target - it's awesome!



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