Thursday, July 22, 2010

My favorite new decor site -

I hate mail.  I don't bother to open it and let it pile up until my basket gets full and then I throw it out.  Luckily, one catalog caught my eye during last week's purge and shred.  I'd never heard of Home Decorator's Outlet before, but was shocked at the variety of styles they offer in that middle of the road price range that other chains seem determined to avoid.

This stuff isn't $50 and ready for you to assemble with an l-shaped wrench, but it's not $499 for an end table either.  I love having 62 console tables to choose from instead of 5, and I think this will be my new go-to site when I search for West Elm copycat pieces.  There are also a variety of traditional pieces and even sinks and vanities, but I'm drawn to the modern options that look like you could have picked them up at Crate and Barrel for three times the price.  And now for my favorites:

Reflections Cabinet
I think this would be great in a living room where you have an empty spot on the wall and could use some storage.  It could also work in a dining room for storing serveware or bar supplies.

Craftsman Duo Frame Mirror
I love how classic this mirror is and think it would look good in bedroom, bathroom or even over a mantel (but not next to your Reflections cabinet)
Wicker Frog Hamper
I just think this is funny and would put it in a kid's room or a guest bathroom
Clark Coffee Table
I think this table would work nicely with mid-century antique pieces or other modern furniture.  It's sleek but not too much of a statement, and you can put baskets underneath to store your remotes (we have 7, I kid you not).  The Soho Randall table is very similar, but with a glass bottom.
Noho Chelsea Nailhead Chair
Hello lover.  I want this chair so badly. It would be perfect in a room with a neutral sofa (like mine!) or in a large bedroom with one of those weird sitting areas that nobody uses.
Parsons Desk
Look familiar?  Yes,  this is a West Elm copycat and it costs $100 less than it's twin.

Martha Stewart Living Chrysanthemum Rug
Say no to earth toned color blocks! This is not what I expected from Martha, but I like it.  It's not for the faint of heart, but in the right room it could be very pretty.
Rhineland Area Rug
This is a good neutral rug that doesn't draw as much attention, but is far from boring.
What piece is your favorite?  I'm still dreaming about the nailhead chair...


  1. I love the Martha Stewart rug!!

  2. I saw a few of these finds recently on Copy Cat Chic's blog. Love that 3 piece Reflections Cabinet. I think the mirrored finish is definitely the most stylish & up-market.

    The Wicker Frog Hamper & Chrysanthemum rug I have never seen before and totally love!

  3. Doesn't that look like an ABC Rug?! I think it would also be awesome in a bedroom w/ subdued linens that won't compete with it. I'd totally put it in a baby room (one day).

    I think I'm going to order the frog as a baby gift... it's too funny. :)



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