Thursday, June 3, 2010

The hunt for khakis

My friend Jan is looking for a good pair of khaki pants that she can wear to the office this summer.  She doesn't want them to look like they belong on a safari or an army base, but they need to be flattering without the cropped skinny leg that's common right now.

I did some searching for her, and came across the following pairs that I think would be great for work in a casual office:

Gap Hip Slung Easy Flare Pants
I think these would look nice with a fitted top and a heel, but not necessarily flat shoes because of the wide leg.

I think these will good on most figures, and I like that the cut is the same as the regular trousers at BR instead of being baggy

I think these are my top pick because the cut of the leg isn't too flared or too tight, and they're only $29.99. 

Update: Kel as suggested another good option, and I found an additional one as well:

In case you didn't know, if you order from LEC you can return it at Sears if it doesn't work out

The photo on the model shows white, but they also come in a darker khaki


  1. J.Crew has a great pair- perfect chinos. You can sometimes find them on sale. I think I got mine for about $25. I love reading your posts!!

  2. Thanks Haley! I shall look further into these selections!



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