Friday, August 5, 2011

Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Do you ever sit in a room and just think "Meh"?  That's how I feel in my bedroom every day.  I haven't spent the time or money to really make it look nice, nor do I know what I want since my tastes change every time I fall in love with a new photo on the internets.

Here's where you come in:  I need help deciding what to do based on the fact that I have black furniture and a gray upholstered headboard that must stay in the room, and very pale gray walls I don't feel like painting again.  What do you think of these options?

via High Gloss Magazine (i think)

I could add some sort of trim to my headboard, and go for really crisp white bedding.  I already own similar lamps, but I don't think a bright bolster would be on the bed that often because I am lazy and rarely make it. (i'm keepin it real)

I love the eclectic, worn in feel of this room and it isn't a big departure from my living room.  However, I don't have room for any sort of bench and cannot hang symmetrical artwork beside the bed because our window is not centered.

 via High Gloss Magazine (i think) 

I also love the idea of bringing in some sort of large, colorful art and more pattern on the curtains.   

The idea of adding orange to my gray and black is tempting, but I'm afraid it would look like Halloween in the room.  I would also be scared to invest in a horse photo.  But I love this room anyway.

 source unknown, but likely Ideal Homes

I could also recover my headboard with a print, and bring in more color with curtains and new lamps.  But I fear that I'd have trouble committing to a print like that.

I love the idea of introducing a crazy rug and pillows for a global inspired theme, but it may be too much in a small room.  

 via High Gloss or Rue (i need to be better about naming my screenshots)

This room is the smallest leap from what I've currently got going, but obviously much more polished and spacious.  I could introduce some animal print and cream, but it just doesn't excite me.

I could also rig some curtains to span the wall behind my bed and camouflage the offset window, and introduce pattern on the bed or headboard.

As you can see, I'm all over the map!  What pictures look the most attainable and timeless to you?  Keep in mind my budget is small and I have two dogs (they don't sleep with me, but white bedding shows weiner dog hair). 

I hope all of you have a happy weekend!  And if you haven't already, share a link to your own Pinterest boards here and I'll publish a list of Pinteresting people next week!


  1. Two, three, and seven are my favorites, but I think we all need to see a photo of your room to really weigh in!!

  2. i like the idea of a ginormous print above the bed! no more dark or neutral tones- your room needs some light or color! I think you're on the right track- I can see a little of every room in yours!

  3. I love ALL of these, and I'm definitely going to be pinning some to my own boards if you don't mind! I think my favorite might just be the one with the chandelier and large artwork from High Gloss- just stunning!

  4. I am loving both bedrooms from High Gloss! xo

  5. Based on your existing colors...I think kelly green accents would be very cool. I also think that the rattan shade in that last picture might warm of the cool colors you already have. What's the shape of your headboard? Flat across the top or curved? Mine is curved and I've had the hardest time figuring out what to put above it..

  6. I love the first and third, and with my southern roots I'm planning on registering for a clean white bedroom suit with monograms! I love monograms! And I also want one of those footstool things that go at the end of the bed. The one in the fourth picture is nice. I'm just afraid I wouldn't be able to see it because it would always have clothes all over it.

  7. I think my favorite is the last photo - I'm obsessed with prints that are fun, but that my husband can live with as well, and the headboard is just that. I also think it would be the easiest to do on a budget, and change up when the mood strikes (something I also suffer from!)

  8. images 6 and 7 are really lovely! i like them both:D

  9. I love #3 and #5. Love the idea of crisp, white bedding!

    I am in a very similar dilema. Although, I don't have a bed yet (just mattress and box spring) so that is adding to my issues. I love the look of a farmhouse bed but simultaneously want a low, platform bed!

  10. I love the bohemian bedroom. It's not too fussy and has a really cool feel.

  11. i'm loving the upholstered headboards...they're all so pretty!



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