Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If I had $1,000... Anthropologie Fall Favorites

It's no secret that most women in America would go nuts in Anthropologie if given the chance.  I visited one of the Dallas stores on Friday and hit the jackpot in the sale room, scoring a cardigan I've admired for months for $40.  However, there were tons of other items I'd have loved to have if only I could justify the prices, which are still pretty high to me.  Luckily, I've got some birthday money to spend and am thinking about some of the pieces below - which one should I pick?

Anthropologie - Fall 2011 Favorites

I was also super lucky to get both of these necklaces for my birthday this year, and can't wait to finish off my outfits with such unique pieces.  My boss and my husband are the best!

anthro necklaces


  1. Top left corner dress! I think you could wear the piece year round. Pair with a cardigan (duh!) or a navy blazer in the winter!

  2. You and me both sister. I love all those picks. If I had to arrow it down, the 2 yellows are my favs.

  3. I like the Gingham Shirt! Anthro is my favorite and my go to after every holiday where I get money. Sometimes you can find great deals! Right now I've bet my husband that I can lose 8 pounds by a certain date and if i do I get a dress from there for a wedding we have to go to. No motivation like being able to buy a full price item at Anthro!!

  4. I love the yellow and gray flowered/patterned top and the yellow/gray necklace, classic and pretty pieces!

    love those necklaces too - so cute!

  5. I've always loved that orangey/red lace dress, it's on sale now too! And those necklaces are gorgeous, so jealous!

  6. Oh Anthropologie - I could buy so many things in there! I love the grey & yellow & blue necklace, and the grey+yellow+white top! And great birthday gift necklaces! :)

  7. Ah yeah...I could do some *major* damage in that store...and SCORE with the cardigan! Don't you just feel so smart when you wait it out and get a deal? (c: LOVE those are one lucky lady to have such stylish people to spoil you! (c: Love it!

  8. LOVE Anthro...the turquoise, blue & gray necklace is gorgeous !


  9. oh, I LOVE birthday can always justify the most elaborate splurges!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace on the statement piece that would make any cardi and jeans combo to die for.
    Happy shopping.

  10. I LOVE that maroon/white colorblock tank...SUPER cute!!



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