Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dream Decorating: Gray Zebra

Ever since I found my pair of gray zebra pillow covers at a Wisteria warehouse sale, I've been looking at ways to integrate them into my house.  They're currently on the sofa, among other gray patterns, but I'm considering moving them into my bedroom for a while.  I love the pattern, and I think that the gray twist makes them even more neutral and usable, even though it's not quite what nature intended.

Here are a couple of my favorite rooms with gray zebra accents.  The bedroom is my new favorite, especially since it feature the main color palette in my house:

styled by Emily Henderson

credit unknown - please tell me if you find out

In case you're wanting some gray zebra in your house, here are a few things I found online that could help you get the same look (sadly, there wasn't much to be found):

What's your opinion on gray zebra?  Too wild or just right?  Or, is there another print that makes your heart sing?


  1. Love the pillows- I don't think they're too much, I have a cream and beige zebra print chair at my vanity and I consider it a neutral!

  2. I love grey zebra! I would definitely use that in our bedroom.

  3. i'm not usually a fan of animal prints, but i love all things gray, so this is actually really working for me!

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  4. Centsational Girl just posted an update of their bedroom - complete with grey zebra pillows. So cute!

  5. I'm with you on the gray zebra, it's so perfect for where you would like that fun pattern but don't want it to be overwhelming. I have been trying to think of a way to integrate it in to my house for a while, but alas, I've yet to find the place for it...but it definitely makes my heart sing (c:



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