Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dream Decorating: Kitchen Refresh

One of my resolutions after I got married was to improve my cooking skills, and I'm lucky to live in a house with a nicely remodeled kitchen that should make me want to turn on the stove and start mixing.  But it doesn't.  Maybe if I added some of these items to spruce things up a bit, I would want to do more than bake?

I think I may actually get those tea towels, since my kitchen can use some color.  I'm also loving that white bowl for my dining table, though I'm not sure what I'd put in it since I don't like to leave fruit sitting out.  However, my dream item would be the Kitchenaid mixer since I make do without one, even when recipes instruct me to use it.  Le sigh.

What's your favorite item in your kitchen?


  1. I love these - especially the tea towels and that white bowl. My favorite item in my kitchen is definitely my Kitchen Aid. It makes baking so much quicker!

  2. I'm making due without a KitchenAid mixer for now too - I'm hoping it'll be a Christmas or birthday present in the future! I'm more of a baker too, but trying to get into cooking for my husband's sake (luckily, he's not a picky eater). I'm loving the recipes from PioneerWoman and Cooking Light!

  3. The kitchen aid mixer is a must. However, we have a tiny little kitchen (gotta love ny apts) and my sweet little mixer is still in the box in the closest since our wedding. Love the marigold and blue palette.

  4. so i was dying for a kitchen aid mixer before we got married, and i'm ashamed to say i've only used it a handful of times in the last year! i need to hop on that.

    i can't live without good knives!!

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  5. I have a kitchen aid but my favorite is my vintage S&P shakers that matches the original Shawnee pottery cookie jar that inspired the one above from Anthro.

  6. I love our tangerine KitchenAid mixer!

  7. These are so very cute! I'm ashamed to say that even though I spend a ton of time in our kitchen, I've done a PATHETIC job of decorating it )c: This is good inspiration to get my rear in gear!



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