Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reader Request: Corporate to Casual

A couple of weeks ago I got a reader request email from Natalie, who is leaving the corporate world behind in favor of a new career in nursing.  She's obviously quite brave to change direction and follow her dreams, but she's reluctant to get rid of her huge career wardrobe that boasts dozens of skirts, pants and jackets.  She's asked for ideas on how to wear the items she already has in more casual ways, and since I'm still pretending that Fall us upon us, I've made some options for her to consider:

Pencil skirt - Casual

Pencil skirts look a lot more casual when you pair them with a pullover, flats, and a bright scarf.  This outfit would be cute for dinners out when it's cool outside. 

Blazer Two Ways

I'm not sharing any sort of secret when I say that blazers can be worn far beyond the office.  Here's two examples of a daytime and evening look with the same blazer pulled from a suit.

Work shirt gone casual

And of course, button down oxford shirts look very casual with the sleeves rolled up and paired with shorts and sandals.

I will admit that I've not come up with a way to style wool trousers in a way that isn't totally obvious and business-like.  Stylist fail.  That said, I will encourage Natalie to take this opportunity to pick the pieces she really likes that make her feel great and keep them, and sell the ones that are unlikely to be worn very often.   That will bring in some extra cash, that she could use to build a wardrobe of awesome tennis shoes to wear with her new scrubs  :)

Shoes for scrubs


  1. Love the idea of introducing traditionally "dressy" pieces into a more casual look! What a great eye for style you have!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

    ps. I have always wanted to snag myself a pair of PUMA sneaks ... love those purple ones featured here!

    pps. Good luck to Natalie and her career move!

  2. Once again I love your tips! It's so helpful to see the outfits you put together!

  3. i love love that first outfit - the stripes + orange + those flats are perfection!

  4. Brilliant ideas...I am loving that top outfit...the coral scarf is so gorgeous, that color is *everywhere* and I love it!

  5. I would wear that first outfit nonstop. I love wearing pencil skirts with v-neck tee shirts. I also like adding a fun fitted tee to trousers to make them a bit more casual. :)



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