Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cool color blocking - farylrobin footwear

This weekend I was playing around with the Gilt app on my iPad and immediately regretted seeing these wedge sandals in the most gorgeous shade of green.  Even if I weren't on shopping hiatus, they cost more than I usually spend on shoes, and I did not need this kind of temptation.

 look how pretty - they'd be so cute with shorts, and skirts, and dresses, and pants...

Then, I certainly did not need to search for the brand, farylrobin, on and discover that they are masters at color blocking and could fill my closet for seasons to come:

So far I've stayed strong and purchased nothing.  But don't think I didn't consider my birthday money and Paypal account balance to make those green wedges mine.  What shoe is your favorite?

P.S. In case you're wondering, farylrobin does not know that I exist - I just like the shoes.


  1. You wicked, wicked temptress! Of course, I learn of those tan/burgundy, d'Orsay pumps the day after I promised myself NO MORE SHOES! Ha ha. Love them! Maybe if I return one of the other pairs I got this weekend???

  2. Oh, those are a lovely green pair - I'm impressed with your willpower!

  3. I'm just laughing about the birthday money/paypal balance comment...I do that kind of rationalizing all the time...see, if it's on sale and I still have some of my mad money *and* a gift card...then really it's a steal, right? (c: I'm totally crushing on that gorgeous green...right now I'm on the hunt for a pink pair...

  4. I think I saw the ones in your second row, far right on Anthropologie's site and have been dying for them. Dying.



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