Friday, August 19, 2011

The List: Pinteresting People

You may recall that a couple weeks ago, I invited people to leave a link to their Pinterest boards so that I could create and maintain a list of "Pinteresting" people to check out and follow.  Fun, right? 

Well, it's done, and I must say there are some fabulous additions that I'm so glad to have in my daily feed.  I invite you to check these ladies out on Pinterest and gain some amazing eye candy for your own files and blogs:

Amanda (AK) at Tipsy Society - 
Lily at Gold & Gray - 
Liz Marie at Liz Marie x2 - 
 Linh at La-la Linh -
 Tamra at Walks with Bella -
Emily at So Anthro - 
 Heather at Olive & A - 
Sam at Fitness, Food and Faith - 
 Erin at Fleur de lis and Football -
Lisa at Just Fabu-less -
Bromeliad Living - 
Kara at Kara's Kronicles - 
Sherri Lynn at Life of a Wife - 
 Jaimie Michelle at Everyday J -
Alyssa -

New Additions (10.17.11)
Laura -
Stephanie at Henry Happened -
Laura at So Alaurable -
Meg -
Leslie at Fresh Out of Lemons -
Sam at Fitness Food and Faith -
Shera at The Expatriate -

 Feeling left out and want on the list?  Leave a comment and I'll edit this post to include the newcomers next week.

Happy weekend, ladies! 


  1. Thanks for listing all of these! I can always use more eye candy :)

  2. I love pinterest - Im Shera from - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Market - www.afunnythinghappenedtravels.comn and am at

    I would love to link up and am excited to get more pinners to follow :)

  3. that is quite a collection of amazing boards!! thanks for putting together the list :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  4. Thanks for the list! And for including me!

  5. Love pinning ... but exploring other peoples pin boards is my fav :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  6. Aw thanks for including me!! Excited to start following all of these other great boards!

  7. Thanks for doing this !! How fun.



  9. i so need to join the club! i may be way behind on the PIN bandwagon!

  10. Oh wow, so many new ones to check out and feed my addiction!

    I pin like crazy here:

  11. Oh, how fun! Gotta check out these ladies!

    here's mine:

  12. Yes, love this idea!

  13. Sweet!!! Adding them to my pinning addictions. Thanks for including me darlin! x



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