Thursday, August 18, 2011

O'bsessed with O'verlays

I know that everyone and her cousin who has a blog about interiors has already written about O'verlays this month, but a lot of the people who visit this page every day are not big blog readers (Hi Mom's friends!) and I am so excited about this product I have to share it.

The concept is that you can now buy pre-cut, paintable pieces of fretwork that are made to be affixed to Ikea furniture and completely transform it into something special.  The company was started by two designers (and bloggers) who recognized a hole in the market, and offered an inexpensive solution.  The panels are around $20 each, and I can't wait to get some!

I am obsessed with the large greek key pattern on a night stand, like in the first photograph.  I plan to get a Rast chest (the unfinished, $35 option) and 3 strips of the greek key fretwork.  I'll probably do a gray and white paint scheme, for optimum reusability throughout the house, but a cobalt and white pattern is also pretty appealing.   I would also love to do a colorful combination in a kid's room one day - there are so many possibilities!

So, who else is excited now?!


  1. I absolutely love these! Such an amazing idea

  2. holy cow, I love this - thanks for sharing!!

    yes. I still stay holy cow, don't judge. ;)

  3. I haven't been blogging at all this past month and this is the first I've seen of this--love it and definitely will keep it in mind next time I see some cheap furniture that could use a facelift :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Genius idea!!!! I want to do this to me Ikea wardrobes. Nice share!!!

  5. Cannot wait to try them !! Love the greek key.


  6. Thanks for sharing this! I have been looking for a way to spruce up my (boring) ikea dresser. I was thinking of pretty knobs but this is way better!


  7. heck yes!! these are so cool! i hope you try and post lots of pics :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith



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