Monday, March 19, 2012

Clothes for Katniss

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I was a giant book nerd and read all three of The Hunger Games books in 4 days.  Seriously.  I am so tired.  (No spoilers here, don't worry)

I can get a little obsessive when it comes to a good series (I read all 7 Harry Potter books in 8 weeks) and then when it's all over, I'm sad.  I will probably go see the new movie this week, but until then, my mind keeps going back to the story and I do really geeky things like this.

Katniss Outfits

Why yes, I did make outfits for Katniss... a fictional person.  Even though the books take place in the future, I had fun imagining contemporary outfits for her.  Those who've read the first book can guess which I've recreated (hopefully).

So, has anyone seen The Hunger Games movie already?  Was it good?  I can't wait to watch!

P.S.  I relate to this.


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