Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cute Combination: Denim + Olive Green

As I've mentioned before, I spend way too much time starting blankly into my closet each night.  However, sometimes it pays off... like today when I noticed an olive green skirt I never wear and my beloved J. Crew Factory chambray shirt.  Add a yellow belt, and Bam! 

Work outfit:

denim + olive

My skirt is a little shorter than I'd like, and I think I want to replace it with a longer one, but mostly I want some olive green pants to wear this year.  And after browsing Pinterest, I think I'm on to something!

I'm also completely enamored with this rug from Serena and Lily (of which I cannot find a quality image):

Now for the important question:  who has found some great straight leg olive green pants without big cargo pockets?  Help a blogger out!


  1. Sadly, I have not found such pants, but I do love the outfit you put together. I have an olive green skirt from F21 that I really like to wear.

  2. Gap has some green skinny khakis right now, along with lots of other colors. They aren't exactly an olive green but more of an army green. I have them and have found that they can be paired with so much!



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