Thursday, March 29, 2012

The one that got away...

I heart Nordstrom Rack.  It's close to my office, and I often stop in for a quick lap around the store to see what's available that week.  However, on Monday I did something dumb. 

I have been on the lookout for a good crossbody purse that's not too big or too small to take on my trip this summer (and everywhere else).  While cutting through the handbag section, I spied a Kate Spade Fanfare Brette purse in leopard patent leather for $119.  I carried it around for a few minutes, then decided that I did not need it right now and put it back.   Immediately, an old man grabbed it and ran to his wife saying "I got it!"

It turns out the leopard is hard to find for under $199, even on eBay.  And now I want it back.

vacation purses

After much internet searching, I'm not finding many other options that I like as much.  Whatever shall I do? 

Help me out - I need some leads!


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