Friday, March 9, 2012

See you on Tuesday!

**3.12.12 - I am back from TxSC and totally worn out.  It was an amazing weekend full of stylish, talented women and I can't wait to tell you all about it.  After I sleep and catch up on the mountain of emails waiting for my attention.  See you tomorrow!


Happy Friday! This morning I am heading south to ATX to take part in the Texas Style Council conference.

That's not me, but I did go a little overboard on the packing.  After reading so many "I've been planning outfits for weeks" comments, I got a bit nervous and then said 'screw it' and just brought lots of options.

However, I'm super excited to meet other bloggers and hand out my fancy schmancy, vistaprint-ed business cards.  I'm not a big twitter-er and have never felt more left out of the iPhone/Instagram club, but check my Facebook page this weekend and you may see some updates... if I feel like it.  When I'm not busy making friends.

See you next week!  I'll be (finally) posting my house tour!


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