Monday, March 5, 2012

Shoe Splurge: Classic Black Pumps

Happy Monday!  Hopefully everyone had a great weekend.  As I write this, I'm taking a break from hours of spring cleaning because I just can't stop at dusting.  Instead, I get all obsessive and decide I should clean out our extra room and several closets before mopping 800 sq feet of tile.  Homeowning is hard work, yo.

All my weekend work has helped to assuage the remaining guilt I have about a pair of shoes that I splurged on this week.  Believe it or not, I did not have a pair of basic black pumps.  I have patent peep toe, and some wedges that have seen better days, as well as several strappy options, but no classic black heels.  I have wished I had them several times this winter, and while perusing (and this post from Katie and Regan at Cardigans and Couture) I came across a great deal that I couldn't pass up.

I am a huge Cole Haan devotee, and have been nothing but satisfied with my purses and sunglasses.  So, when I saw the black, round toe Air Talia pumps on sale for $129 in my size and only one other, I decided it was meant to be.   And let me tell you, these are the most comfortable stilettos I have.   The rubber strips on the bottom and on the heel make all the difference in the world (and you walk quietly instead of clacking across the tile in the lobby at work). 

Those who know me know that I do not always subscribe to the "investment piece" philosophy.  I don't go for disposable, poorly made items either, but somewhere in the middle.  I know that I am unlikely to want to wear the same thing for several years on end, so I usually shoot for mid-range quality and end up happy.  By the time my $75 shoes are at the end of their life, I'm tired of them anyway.  Suffice to say, spending over $100 on shoes is a big deal to me.  And it wasn't even my birthday month.

However, I have a feeling these will be in the closet for a long time and I'm so excited to have heels that I am not dying to take off 3:30.  So, if you are on the fence about a Cole Haan Air purchase, I say do it!  (But go up a half size)

And in the event that you don't want to be shoe twins with me, here are some other options:

basic black pumps

What's your shoe philosophy?  Have you been pleasantly surprised by a bargain pair or do you only go high end?


  1. I like to go somewhere in the middle. I find it hard to spend so much money on a pair of shoes, but there is a the occasional splurge if I absurdly love it and it's a brand that I know will treat my feet kindly after spending 8+ hours wearing them.
    Love the new basic black pumps, even better that they are comfy! I have one pair of basic black pumps from HSN or QVC and can't wear them because they flop off my feet and feel uncomfortable when I try to pad them. So I am now on the hunt for a good basic black (and nude) pair to wear often. I love some of those options you listed!



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