Friday, March 16, 2012

Reader Request: Moroccan Room Recreated

Happy Friday!  This week has worn me out - seriously!  I cannot wait for a nice dinner and wine with my husband, and some time to catch up on blogs and movies.  Plus, I just started reading The Hunger Games because I'm feeling left out and have a feeling I'll be in for some sleepless nights.

Speaking of sleepless nights, I keep remembering emails I haven't replied to just as I'm about to fall asleep, and this week's reader request was one of them.  Kristi emailed me earlier this month with a super fun request to recreate one of her Pinterest inspiration rooms in her space, but incorporate her existing pieces.  A professional I am not, but shopping for home decor items is one of my favorite things in life so I have had a great time with this inspiration board.

Here's her space, and the look she's aiming for:

Kristi's house has pale gray walls, and she wants to reuse her existing beige sofa and dark brown occasional tables.  With that instruction, here's what I'd do if it were me:

I think that blue velvet drapes or an end chair will take Kristi's room in the direction of the inspiration photo, and then a fun mix of pillows and patterns will give it a similar eclectic feel. 

I also have to mention that this was my runner up rug, and it could also work in the room with a few adjustments (no navy velvet chair sitting on it):

What do you think of the room?  Got any sources she could consider in her search to recreate it?  Also, do you know where the inspiration room is originally from?  (we can't find a source anywhere, not even with

Have a happy weekend, ladies!  See you next week!


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