Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reader Request: 3 Week Packing List

Good morning!  Hopefully everyone is having a good week so far.  Mine is kicking my butt, and I'm looking forward to my family coming to visit this weekend (for a fun-filled day at the shooting range, because we're Texan).  I'm also counting the weeks until our 12 day Italian vacation, and this week's reader request email was really timely.

Maryam, of the awesome blog Pamplemousse 1983, is about to spend three weeks traveling through Belgium and Israel!  I'm really excited for her, and was happy to help out with some packing ideas since the weather will range from cold to warm and she doesn't want to bring 10 pairs of pants and 21 shirts.

Here's what I'd pack, based on the items Maryam already plans to bring and enjoys wearing:

Packing for Maryam

I stuck to a palette of black, blues, pinks, leopard, and stripes since it allows almost every piece to be worn with 2+ others, alone or in layers.  I also took a realistic approach to shoes and only included 4 pairs - one pair of boots Maryam already loves, some sneakers for touristing all day, and 2 pairs of cute flats.  The scarves will also mix things up a bit without adding bulk to her suitcase, and a versatile statement necklace will dress things up as well.

Hopefully I can restrain myself this much when my own vacation comes around!  If you'd like so submit a request, send me an email.  I have openings starting late next month.

Happy Wednesday!


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