Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday! I have had a busy week, and hope that I have the laziest, unbusiest weekend known to man.  However, a full day of work stands between me and my freedom, and until that's over here are 5 things I found worth sharing on the internet.

1. I am in love with this blazer from Gap with the yellow and navy piping.  They're constantly running 30-40% off sales, which means it could be yours for under $60!  That means you'll have money left to have it tailored, since the last Gap blazer I tried on was cut for a lumberjack.

2. Random as it may sound, shopping for shower curtains is really tough.  There's tons of vomitous options for the folks who like a good beige palm tree print, and other candidates with three-digit price tags that are hard to justify.  Luckily, DENY Designs has tons of unique options designed by artists for under $100.


3. Have I said lately how much I love Nordstrom Rack?  This weekend I scored this $88 gym bag for $22 (in charcoal gray) and it makes me feel so fancy at LA Fitness.  Shop in store, people! 

4. While I'm on the gym topic, I will also share that I have found Kohl's to be a great source of workout clothes.  I don't like much of the other stuff they sell (believe me, I looked for over an hour before giving up) but was happily surprised to see lots of name brand activewear (and some brands I'd forgotten about) marked waaaay down.  I got 5 tops for $35!  Basic Fila running shirts with the mesh-ey, no sweat fabric are $12 online but only $7 in person.  Take that, Athleta.

5. Can we talk TV for a minute? I sort of gave up my True Blood recaps because I decided I enjoyed reading them more than writing them, but I want some opinions.  Here are my thoughts on my favorite summer shows:

I've noticed people either love or hate this season of True Blood.  It's not my favorite of the five, I will admit, but I like the main story arcs and can't wait to see how it all ties together.  I'm hoping Eric saves the day (and Sookie) and Jesus comes back to see Lala again (even if it will make me cry).  Also, the last Hoyt scene made me tear up a little.  It seems he's really gone for good. 

I am also a huge fan of News Room.  I agree with some of the critics that the episodes tend to be pretty inconsistent, but I love that Will is such an asshole but we somehow end up on his side.  I hope he and Mackenzie don't end up together in a cliche way at the end of the finale (same goes for Jim and Maggie) since I think the show is above that (hopefully).

So far I'm not super invested in this season of Project Runway (maybe because we've seen this happen 9 other times?), but good lord that Elena chick is unstable!!  She needs a swift kick in the face.  However, I want Vin and Demitry to make me some dresses.  Can you believe two people quit in one episode?!

And with that, I bid you good weekend!


  1. I have been rooting for Ven from the start. He's extremely talented!



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