Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reader Request: Packing Light for City and Beach Vacation

It seems like when it rains, it pours and after a month-long drought I am now swimming in reader request emails.  Luckily, they are my favorite posts to write and today I'm excited to help my friend Laura prepare for her upcoming vacation to Greece.

Laura and her husband are spending three days sightseeing in Athens, and then 6 days relaxing on Grecian beaches, and she does not want to lug a big suitcase onto airplanes and trains.  Given that I recently faced this dilemma myself, I put together some options for her that I think are pretty realistic:

Small Suitcase Sightseeing

For sightseeing, I think you need one pair of jeans and a pair of shorts to wear with lightweight tops during the day.  I'm no longer one of those people who are overly concerned with looking fashion blogger perfect while in line for the museum, and I think it's really important to save your feet from blisters so I've styled daytime outfits with tennis shoes and rubber flip flops.  A couple of lightweight dresses will work nicely for dinnertime on a patio with lots of wine, and an extra blouse will look cute with the shorts or jeans in case it's needed.  The wedge sandals are optional, but cute, and a hands free bag is an absolute must.

Small Suitcase Beach Vacation

For the beach leg of the trip, I've continued the black/white/gray/green/coral palette so that some pieces can be worn again.  I think three swimsuits is plenty, though I'd maybe even bring two and rinse them before buying a third.  Two cover-ups and two casual dresses will serve as dinner outfits at resort restaurants, and an additional pair of shorts and some tank tops or tees will be great for additional sightseeing with the same shoes from before. 

All of the clothing in both sets will easily fit in one bag, and can be mixed to create additional outfits.  Hopefully this was helpful to Laura and the rest of you.  If you have a wardrobe dilemma of your own, send me an email and I'll try to help!


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