Monday, August 13, 2012

The Luckiest.

I hope I'm not the only person on the internet who had an amazing weekend.

I turned 29 on Sunday, and all weekend long I have felt blessed and loved and so grateful for all that I have, such as:
  • Friends who drive 30 miles twice in a day to see me for a birthday lunch and again at a party after work
  • More friends who get as excited about my high school girl playlist as I do and sing all the words to "Save Tonight" and "Sunset Strip Bitch" and replace my lost Coyote Ugly DVD
  • Former coworkers turned true friends who dance in my kitchen, drink the "Haley Special" sonic slush and rum cocktail I made up, and concoct interesting shots with me
  • A cousin I've literally known since the day I was born, and who remains my best friend and shopping partner 29 years later
  • Generous parents and in-laws who are impatiently waiting for grandchildren but not making us feel pressured about it
  • A sister who knows my taste in jewelry so well that she can buy "off-list" for my birthday, to great success and loves my doggies almost as much as I do
  • Over 60 (at last count) friends and acquaintances who wished me happy birthday yesterday, an all-time record
  • A husband who can build things, cook things, code things, make me laugh, and make it so I never feel alone or unloved
I'd say I've got it pretty good.  


  1. You got it good bc you give us way more...we are the lucky ones =) hugs



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