Monday, August 20, 2012

Reader Request: What To Wear When Entertaining Clients

Happy Monday!  (Who am I kidding... nobody is happy that it's Monday).  Since everyone has work on the brain today, I think it's appropriate that this reader request post focuses on that part of the closet.

Sara emailed me with a scenario that's pretty common in service industries - what to wear when you're entertaining clients outside of an office environment.  In her case, she's accompanying her client and a contest winner to an event in LA (lucky girl!) and wants to maintain her classically trendy style while being respectful of her client's conservative taste.

It can be tough to dress in an outfit you love when the most important thing is actually how you represent your company.  That means anything too edgy is usually off the table, as is any kind of dress or top where you can't wear a regular bra (my personal rule of thumb), and cleavage of any kind.  I mean it - it is never ok for your clients to view you as trying to be sexy!  However, those guidelines don't mean you have to look frumpy or feel like something you're not.

Here's a few outfit ideas for an event outside of the office:
what to wear: client event

 If the event is casual, I think a printed dress with a fitted blazer or cardigan is perfectly appropriate.  The same goes for sleek cropped pants with a classic top in a bold color (not neon!) and unique jewelry and shoes.  Both outfits can transition to a restaurant or bar, as well.

If the event is more formal, my trusty standby the jewel tone dress comes back into play.  I love the idea of adding a fun belt or contrasting jewelry to a sleek dress, plus a pair of comfortable wedges since the people working an event are seldom the ones sitting down with a drink. 

Hopefully this was helpful!  What are your best tricks for after-hours outfits when clients are present? 


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