Friday, January 7, 2011

Almost custom framing for $40!

In case anyone is not aware - framing pictures is hella expensive if the size is not common.  I learned this last week when I took my new 8x9" Alicia Bock print to a few stores near my house in hopes of finding a frame with a large mat. 

After searching the selection at a few stores and getting a really expensive quote from Hobby Lobby, I went to my local Aaron Brothers framing store and found the most awesome sales associate who helped me figure out that a custom matte would fit into a 16x20" frame and look almost the same as the custom look I was seeking.  Then, he gave me a coupon for 50% off the frame and I walked about of the store having paid only $40 for this:

(Isn't my West Elm jewelry box awesome?  My husband is great.)  Anyway, if you need some framing done and aren't sure how best to proceed, you should check out Aaron Brothers (on Macarthur Blvd in Irving if you're local). I can't stop admiring my new little corner of art.

In other news, I just won some kickass gloves from Elleinad Spir and am super excited to wear them next week when it gets down in the twenties here.  Her blog is great and sometimes I may or may not copy her outfits exactly.


  1. That is genius! A custom mat but a standard frame. smart! to mail your gloves before the cold snap!

  2. LOVE those gloves!! so pretty :)



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