Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reader Request: Chic business lady bags

Ok, so this was an in real life request from a coworker shopping for his daughter, but I'm going to write about it anyway.   I was tasked with finding a great, chic work tote for a very stylish 24 year old who just landed a new job.  I did a lot of looking around and found some great options under $200 that hold a laptop and will look good in a few years as well as next week in the office.

Sundance Chelsea Bag
This one is my favorite and I want it and I would be a professional business lady... if only I had $198 extra dollars

This bag comes in several colors, but I like this warm brown color the best.

This bag is pretty casual, but it's still chic and comes in several colors and prints

This bag is on clearance at Norstrom right now and probably won't be available by the time I post this... but it's just so pretty. 

Elliott Lucca Cordoba Tote
I love the convertible straps on this bag and the fun color options (it's also available in black and red)


  1. i love the banana one!! so pretty.

  2. I was catching up on some Dexter last night and, in one scene, Lumen carried a gorgeous leather tote that was a lot like the BR one. (Sorry for the Dexter references if you don't watch the show!)

  3. Hehe, the BR bag is actually the cheapest one of the bunch! Still an investment (to me) at $120 but I think it's really classic and would be great for traveling too. I like to put my entire purse into a larger tote with my collection of magazines when I fly and that bag would be perfect.

  4. Gorgeous bags!
    I gave you the Stylish Blogger award – I hope you can participate!

  5. $120 is too much for me as well, though I will carry a bag for forever, so (actually) I'd probably get my money's worth out of it. I'm ok with a knock-off though. :)



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