Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reader Request: Warm, winter boots that aren't Ugg-ly

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This week's reader request comes from my friend, Cassie, who just moved to the great white north of Oklahoma.  As a fellow Texan, she's still navigating the ins and outs of actual snow and freezing weather and needs some warm boots.  Like me, she's not a fan of Uggs and wants some other options.

I will admit this was difficult.  I found lots of great $298 options, but I cannot suggest those to my friend with a straight face.  I kept looking again today and I think I hit the jackpot.  A brand called Dav makes fleece-lined, waterproof boots that aren't bulky and are under $120!

My top pick are the Equestrian Stretch Knee-high Boots. They look like normal riding boots, but have a cozy looking lining and will be great for snow since they're made of rubber.  I think they'd look cute with leggings or jeans and at $115, cost much less than similar styles.

Another option, if you don't want black, is the Quilted English Knee High Boot that comes in Champagne and Gunmetal.  It also has a fleece lining and is made of rubber, and is only $85.

The third option I found is made by a company called Khombu, and they specialize in "after ski wear".  These boots look like suede, but are not bulky and supposedly waterproof and warm. 

And now I am seriously regretting my plain rubber Wellies. 


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