Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank you! (And 7 things...)

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my little blog and all of you who read it?  It's grown to become so much more than I ever expected it to be in 12 months.  I've gotten some lovely emails from several readers, some of which are blogging awards!  I'm so flattered to have been chosen among your winners.

Thank you very much to Amy Shops the Web and CurlieGirlie03 !  Both of these ladies know how to spot a deal and you should check them out.

Part of one award requires that I post 7 things about myself, and since I rarely write about my life beyond decorating and buying clothes, I'll give it a go:

1. I've had a dachshund every day since I was in 2nd grade and my little man Charlie makes me so happy.  I got him in college and when I think about him getting old I start crying.  My husband and I also have a 2 year old boxer/pointer mix named Maggie that we rescued from the SPCA, and she is 60 lbs of pure happy energy.

2. I'm a very proud graduate of Texas A&M University, but a lot of people act surprised when they learn that. 

3. I am a huge history nerd.  I wanted to major in it, but decided on something more vocational (Marketing) and instead spend lots of time reading historical fiction and browsing for antiques online.

4. McDonald's soft serve ice cream cones are my weakness.  I don't care that it's mostly chemicals.

5. High end stores make me laugh, like in a way that's not appropriate.  I parked my car at Barney's last week and had to walk by the shoes really fast because the idea of $700 ballet flats is just so ridiculous to me that I will giggle.  Please do not take offense, I can't help it. 

6. I no longer discuss politics with family or Facebook, but for those who are curious, I stand just left of moderate.

7. I rehearse important conversations in my car and probably look like a crazy person to anyone that glances my way.  Other times, I get really into my singing and miss the exit for my office. 

And finally, I'm supposed to pass along the awards.  For that, I ask that you take a look at the blogs listed on the right and check them out!


  1. I heart the name Charlie for a little doggie =) too cute! Everytime I think of how Roxy the Ferret is a little old grandma I start bawling. Which is daily now. ahhh! I can't help it!

    So fun learning more about you. and now I have a major craving for soft serve ice cream that I am SO blaming on you! =) haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. How fun that you got an award! Love it. Great list too!

  3. Love that you are a dog lover, and that you are one of the few Americans these days with the good upbringing to not choose to talk about politics!



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