Thursday, January 27, 2011

Give it a read: Matchbook Magazine

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It seems that ever since Lonny Magazine launched and began to build a voice in the publishing world, a whole crop of new online magazines burst onto the scene.  I'm thrilled that there's now a new channel for creative people to share fabulous things (for free!) and was excited to check out the newest addition to the online fold when it launched this week - Matchbook Magazine

Overall, I like the aesthetic and that the voice of the magazine doesn't seem too preachy or like it's trying to mimic things that are already out there.  There is a LOT of copy to read, which can be great if you've got time to spend, but overwhelming when you're just trying to browse.  I would have liked more features like the one below and some more interior photos. 

Even though I can't stand printouts in my day to day work life, I really miss turning the pages of magazines.   I hope start ups like Matchbook can stick around, but they'll never take the place of curling up on my couch with glossy pages of pretty pictures. 

And I hope they don't think we're going to start paying to look at PDFs - I'm talking to you, Southern Flourish. 


  1. I love all their "50 Classics" choices. I'm tempted to print them out and start checking off the list!



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