Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is this weird?

I am an Anglophile.  I love Britain and have been reading about kings and queens far before The Other Boleyn girl was published.  I've read several biographies about Queen Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn love the story of their lives, which is like the ultimate soap opera.  Throw in some Jane Austen and I'm in heaven.

While clicking around on Etsy, I came across the Oh, Kirby! shop and love the paintings but think it may be strange to have prints of historical ladies in my house:

You can also get a custom, Austen-style wedding portrait!

Whatcha think?


  1. These women were the movers and shakers of their times. Many of the things they did changed English history, and thus impacted US history as well. It would be no different than having a picture of Muhammad Ali, Mother Theresa or Diane Von Furstenburg on your wall. Again, all influential people.
    I too am a huge Anglophile. I even have the Tudor rose tattooed on my left ankle.

  2. I think those are super cute! I am an avid Anglophile as well. BTW Allison Weir's books on the Tudors are awesome, and she wrote a great one on the relationship between Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. But back to the paintings; the two rooms in the house that I have been allowed to "girl up" are the guest bedroom and bathroom. I think the paintings would be really cute printed onto iron-transfer paper and ironed onto white linen guest towels!!!

  3. I love those and agree that they would be great for a guest room or small hall/entryway.



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