Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can't decide... again

Who knew finding prints to hang in a bathroom could lead to so much time spent clicking around on Etsy?  Now I can't decide and this is where you come in.  Here's what you need to know:

  • Pale blue walls
  • Very dark cherry (almost espresso) cabinets
  • Gray/white granite countertop
  • Pale gray shower curtain
  • Need to put something between two mirrors and above the toilet
  • I want it to be playful and fun, but not too girly
  • I hate french looking signs that say "Bath"
And here are the candidates:

Rachel Austin Notecards

Erinjaneshop Prints

Silhouette Blue Personalized Prints

Set of 6 Tree Prints by Bucks County 

Help please.  Or more suggestions.  What are your favorite shops for modern, affordable prints?


  1. Some print shops that I've saved in my favorites:

  2. i love the post cards, especially the one with the birds. Maybe get it blown up to the size that would fir what you need. Or get it blown up and then cut it up into sections and hang in separate frames.



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