Friday, January 14, 2011

Where are they now: Punky Brewster

It's Thursday night and I'm in a silly mood again, which means another Where are they now post!  This time I wanted to give my take on what one of my favorite 80's tv characters would be doing now if she were real.  Here's a little update on Penelope "Punky" Brewster

Punky (who now goes by Penny, so she could get a job) is in her early 30's and living in Chicago.  She works as a social worker helping kids in foster care and has an amateur photography business on the side.  Henry died 8 years ago (he wasn't in good health back in '86) and left her his apartment and the proceeds from the sale of his photo studio, so she is able to travel and offer a place for her best friend Cherie to live as well.  She dates a lot, but isn't ready to settle down just yet.  Her style is still very colorful (at least 3 in every outfit) and she's not afraid to look different from everyone else, but she does it in a tamer way now that she's an adult. 

P.S.  When verifying how to spell Cherie on Wikipedia, I learned that I watched the entire series in syndication after it had already aired and been canceled on NBC. 


  1. I saw that peacock dress last week and kind of love it. Not sure why, but I do!

  2. I just found your blog and was delighted to be met with this post. What a fun and clever idea!

  3. Thanks ladies! I put together the outfits on Polyvore and I remember that the peacock dress was from Modcloth and the black/white top was by Tucker (and about $400) and the red pants were from Urban Outfitters.

    I think you could totally rock a peacock dress, Danielle. If you put a belted cardigan on top it's not so in your face. However, that cut makes me look like a linebacker with the high neck and cap sleeves :( Hopefully you have better luck.

    Welcome to the blog, Oh My Darling! I'm glad you stopped by!



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