Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can't get you outta my head...

Much like Kylie songs, you know how there are some items that just stay in your mind? You compare everything you see to them, and periodically check back to see if they've gone on some sort of miracle clearance sale.  What, that's just me?

Since I'm still buried in work this week, I thought I'd share a quick glimpse at the things that I am coveting and wishing were mine.  By Friday, I just might reward myself with one of them...

Ok, so maybe I won't be spending $589 on a dining room rug or buying a $300 bag but the bracelet is totally within reach!  Do you have something that you can't get out of your head?


  1. That bracelet is gorgeous! Yes, treat yourself to it!

  2. When a major shopping urge hits, I try to stay only on the SALE page so that I don't end up lusting after something completely not within reach. I did see the Brompton bag in my print catalog and have been lusting after it since!

  3. I can't even keep all of my obsessions *straight* there are SOOOOO many of them!!! Right now, I'm fixated on some color blocked wedges from Aldo...*sigh* We all just need to be independently wealthy, right? (c:

  4. LOVE that rug-- why are rugs always so expensive?!?!

  5. Love that bracelet and dress!!! Ohhhh online shopping is so dangerous!



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