Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pinterest Roundup: Cute Stuff for Kids

This week is going to be really stressful for me outside of blogland, so forgive my lack of a real post and enjoy my roundup of super cute items for super cute little people.  (You can check out each one on my Pinterest board and click through for the source)

What picture is your favorite?  I'm in awe of that Peter Pan shadow in the nursery and seriously considered buying the zig zag sleeper for a friend's child but it doesn't appear to be available in the states.

Now I'm going to do more work and remind myself that I'm not ready for babies.  :)


  1. OK...everything is adorable and I started DYING w laughter at the little one doing a one armed push up in the gym suit....OMG...adorable and a little alarming, no?
    No rush...Ms. Newlywed...enjoy the "two of you" time and when you are will know for sure!

  2. That baby with the lights is soooo cute I wanna kiss her little cheeks

  3. I am in love with the little one working out. ;)

    I also really love the Peter Pan shadow. My boy's name is Peter and we're planning to read him the stories--the original and the Disney and the movies...

    I can relate to the baby/baby gear love but not being ready. My husband and I waited 6 years after getting married (+4 of dating) before our baby was born. In the meantime, we spoiled our nieces and nephews and bff's kids rotten. Rotten.

  4. So funny because I saw that's you'd pinned a lot of baby images recently. I thought 'Hmmm, is there going to be an announcement post soon?!' :) I almost sent that nursery image to my friend, who is expecting her first in November!

  5. Love the peter pan! And I totally know what you mean-- I'm so not ready to have one, but my ovaries clench every time I see a child-- so adorable!

  6. Haha, we are definitely not expecting but I have lots of friends who are, hence the pinning! I think as long as I'm content with spoiling our dogs, I'm ok waiting a bit longer ;)



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