Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things Every Girl Needs: A Dressing Room

Today I'm really excited to have the lovely Rachael from the blog Roco Rennie taking part in the the Things Every Girl Needs series.  Her blog is one of my favorite destinations for gorgeous interiors and inspiration, as well as a peek into her life in Ireland.  Please give her a lovely welcome and follow her over at Roco Rennie - you'll be very glad that you did!
Hi Rachael from a little blog Roco Rennie here; I am so delighted to take part in this fantastic series on Cardigan Junkie. I came up with many “things that every girl needs” like friends but I decided to keep it on the same theme as Roco Rennie, interiors!!  So without further ado, I give you the dressing room:
More every girl SHOULD have instead of needs a walk in dressing room. The pure idea of a room just for your clothes is perhaps appealing to our inner child – how many of us played dress up with our mums clothes!!


Imagine owning all these shoes and having a bespoke unit for them!!!

I think everyone woman should have that one area in their home that is theirs for getting ready ~ whether it is a dressing room table, a chest of drawers or sitting on the floor on front of a mirror (uni days). Just that one spot where you can do the little things that make you feel better about yourself and able to face the day ahead.  How many of us feel so much better if we get the time to get ready for the day ahead!

 Thanks Haley for including me in this series, it was so much fun!!
 Thanks for stopping by Rachael!  I have some serious closet envy now - those photos are amazing!
If you want to take part in this series, I've got slots open starting next week.  Just send me an email with what you'd like to write about and we'll arrange a date!  
P.S. Since so many of you have asked, I'm working on an eBay 101 post with lots of detail on how you can sell your old clothes and get money for new ones  :) 


  1. loved this guest post! and i totally agree every girl needs a dressing room, i have one! but it's tiny :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams
    ps super excited to see the ebay 101 post! i just sold a purse on craigslist and it made my day!!

  2. I couldn't agree more with this post. I can't wait to have a dressing room of my own someday :)

    That Ebay 101 post could not come at a better time--we are moving soon and I definitely need to clean out my closet!

  3. I agree as well. Can you imagine how pretty you would feel getting ready in any of the above photos?! Love it! Oh and I love you blog, glad I found it.

  4. Great post and I think you're right. I NEED a dressing room!!

  5. I think I need one! Is it rude to kick my husband out of our closet so that I have more room to work with?!

  6. I'll take ALL of those dressing rooms! What a fabulous way to 'fix' yourself everyday! :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  7. I was just thinking about dressing rooms because I came across a blog (I can't remember the name) that asked readers' opinions about a feather chandelier. I said that one would be fun in a big Oprah-esque closet! Very girly. :)

  8. Loved the post! I'm so jealous of you folks with dressing rooms/walk-in closets!! Do you think it would be wrong to get a 2-br apt and just use one as a giant closet??

  9. Gorgeous examples Rachael!! I love all of these images. What is better than an ultra girly dressing room? I would die to have one.
    Nancy xo

  10. I was just thinking about doing a post on closets and how I wish I had a nice, organized, walk in closet with room to dress. These spaces are stunning and all those shoes...LOVE!

  11. Thanks Haley for letting me take part in your series and too everyone for their comments!! XX

    Been secretly wanting to change our spare room into a dressing room - think my husband would have a heart attack though. x

  12. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! I'm glad Rachael got a nice welcome :)

    I miss having a walk in closet so much. N and I live in a 1960s house, which was not built with storage in mind.

  13. A dressing room would be awesome!



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